Be Aware of Your Words!


Awareness, Your Key to Peace

When you become responsible for the words you utter to you and to others what do you think will happen? Reduction in the words in your inner space will happen. The amount of inner chatter that goes on continuously inside you will lessen considerably.

“Yogah pratavam dwaram vannirotah” – The first step towards yoga is the reduction in the words you create. When you bring integrity, automatically the words inside and outside will drop drastically. When you bring awareness to what you are saying and committing to, your authenticity will increase and your capacity to fulfill your word will also increase. It becomes a beautiful, enriching virtuous circle that begins when you practice integrity.

Integrity Kills Inner Chatter

Words that are clearly expressed with awareness create fulfillment. The word that is perverted and hurting yourself is guilt. The word that is hurting others is violence. The word that goes on expanding you is desire. The commitments that constantly keeps you in a state of completion and expansion is integrity. If you just decide, ‘From this moment I will honour the words I utter to others and me as my life!’, the inner thoughts and inner chattering will drastically reduce. A huge breakthrough in your thinking process will happen because the moment you become aware of the thought or word you give to you and others, you will know whether your thought is from ego, jealousy or arrogance and immediately you will complete it, correct it. You will create so much good health in you with this breakthrough in your thinking. Each new cell created in the space of integrity will transform your body so that it expresses vibrant health.


Someone recently asked me a question about unclutching: ‘The moment I sit for unclutching I have more thoughts, more problems! Swamiji,what should I do next time I sit for meditation or unclutching?’

How will you not have? Unclutching is not switching off the electricity to your house. It is the cleaning, sweeping and wiping of your house. It is not like electricity where you will switch off and then unclutch. No. It is cleaning and sweeping and wiping. First listen to your inner space. Listen! That is the first step for meditation, for your life.

With integrity literally you will clean your inner space of all the unwanted beliefs that you constantly carry. The strong belief you carry that you are a failure will continuously lead you to failure. When you start living in integrity you will diagnose those self fulfilling negative prophecies that you constantly feed to yourself and remove them from your inner space.

Adapted from Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s teachings.