Unclutch Doesn’t Mean Laziness!


Unclutching, a word that leads to infinite possibilities. From a student in graduate school, to a doctor working in a busy hospital, to an everyday housewife, unclutching is a process that has the potential to benefit anyone and everyone. It does not lead to a gradual transformation, rather, its effects are like a quantum explosion. A single jump, that’s all it takes.

If that jump is made, will all activity and work stop? No! In fact, when someone unclutches from their identity, they express a creativity and intelligence that is both spontaneous and natural. In other words, unclutching does not mean laziness! On the contrary, an unclutched being is free from the prison of their own identity. The tremendous energy, usually wasted in psychological worrying and irritation, will instead become positive, creative energy. Instead of slaving over work, stressing out over deadlines, and worrying about every little detail, an unclutched person will be able to work freely, without the pressure and irritation that normally accompanies an undertaking.

Normally, we carry a deep irritation, vengeance, and arrogance within us, and we express the same through our body language, our words, our very steps! Unclutching will release the innate intelligence that we have stored within our being so we are free from the negativity we carry with us.

In fact, if it weren’t for our egos, unclutching would be our natural state.

Because we believe and defend our philosophies so strongly, we are scared to use our intelligence to look in. Once we do, we will see how much energy we are wasting in psychological worrying! If we see how worrying has become our natural state we can simply move away from it. However, time and again we are given more things to worry about. It seems almost impossible to move away from worries then! We are told from a very young age that if we work hard we will achieve. There will be no need to worry after that! But is this really the case? How much stock can we put in the idea of hard work itself? We have just come to accept this idea as a natural factor of life, like breathing. However, if we use a little intelligence we can see that the idea of hard work is a pure myth! We take simple tasks, plan them out ten times, worry about whether we will accomplish them or not ten more times, and after completing them, talk and brag out them ten more times, and call this hard work!

An unclutched person will work smart, not hard. This is the main difference. Unclutch from your identity, and allow the natural intelligence of your being to shine forth. The body will simply move and a new, miraculous awakening will continuously express itself, in a stress-free and spontaneous way. Worries will become a thing of the past, and work will no longer be a burden, but an avenue for intense creativity! Pure intelligence will overcome the laziness and restlessness of the body, and life itself will simply transform!

Taken from Nithyananda’s Discourse on Unclutching in the year 2007