Thoughts, DNA, Love, Health & YOU!


Within the last several decades, the field of science has taken a huge leap forward in its understanding of human consciousness. For many years, this topic was avoided by mainstream scientists who felt that consciousness was a subjective experience and could not be explained using objective experimental inquiry. However, beginning in the 1980’s, scientists, primarily within the fields of psychology and neuroscience, began conducting experimental studies dealing with consciousness and cognition. Moreover, within the realm of physics, the exploration of quantum mechanics has provided a completely different way of looking at the world than previous scientific thought allowed. Now, science has once again taken a huge leap forward through a more balanced assessment of consciousness, thought and emotions and the effects they have on the overall wellness of a human being.

Babies Need Hugs !

In a recent study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, behavioural scientists have proven that giving babies hugs and affection reduces their rates of anxiety, hostility, and general levels of distress. The study was conducted using nearly 500 infants that were followed from infancy into their adult years. The levels of affection were graded using a five-point scale ranging from “negative” levels of affection to “extravagant” levels. As expected, infants who were given “extravagant” or “caressing” levels of affection by mothers displayed less anxiousness, hostility, and overall distress when they were older. In this way, scientists have also proven that positive human emotions can also help shape a healthy immune system since feelings of anxiousness and stress can have a negative impact on health, especially in those already suffering an illness.

Also, thoughts and emotions have the capacity to alter the physical structure of human DNA, as proven by scientists in the Institute of Heart Math in 2001. The scientists placed human placental DNA samples in a container. Twenty-eight vials of DNA were given to researchers and individuals trained in mental and emotional self-management. In other words, how to consciously enhance positive emotional thoughts, such as love and well-being.

The Role of the DNA

The researchers hypothesized that there exists an energy-based information exchange between the human heart and the rest of the body, which they termed heart energy. Moreover, they hypothesized heart energy acts through DNA to produce physiological benefits in human beings, such as health and vitality.

They proved these assumptions by measuring changes in DNA within the vials using ECG monitoring and UV spectra analysis. Volunteers capable of generating feelings of deep love and gratitude were able to physically alter the structure of the DNA in the vials. The results generated showed that DNA conformation was affected differently based on varying intentions. For example, when gratitude, love and appreciation was felt, the DNA unwound, relaxed, and became longer. In contrast, thoughts of anger, fear and frustration caused the DNA to become increasingly wound and shorter.

DNA unwinds and is wound up again for specific processes within the human body, such as transcription. Transcription is important for generating proteins and enzymes, which regulate many of the body’s basic cell functions. Therefore, the researchers were able to prove that the heart energy has a direct correlation on some of the most basic and essential biological functions of a human being.

Live in Gratitude, Live Healthy

A follow-up study was later conducted using HIV-positive patients. They reported a 300,000 times increase in resistance to the HIV virus in participants who displayed feelings of love, gratitude, and appreciation.

Science has displayed enormous growth in terms of its scope within recent years. With more research on the horizon, perhaps science will succeed in explaining more of the world’s greatest spiritual mysteries in quantifiable and measurable ways. With the backing of scientifically corroborated studies and research models, correct spiritual knowledge and practice can bring about a new clarity in mankind that can help people live healthier and longer.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Morning Discourse, 23rd October, 2010, Bidadi Ashram