Unclutch to be Complete!


The Bone Structure of Your Life

Everything starts with words. Everything starts with a declaration. Everything starts with commitment. Honouring the words you give to you and to others as your life, is integrity. Integrity is neither morality, nor ethics. It is beyond both. Inside you, you are constantly giving words to yourself. To bring integrity to you, you need to fulfill every word given to you as your life. Every time you give a word to yourself, or create a desire for yourself, and don’t fulfill it, you will be in incompletion.

When you give a commitment to yourself or to others, that is the bone structure of your life. That is the bone structure of life itself. If you continuously break the bones of your life, how will your life will be? We know it would be full of pain, distorted, and perverted. The words that you give to you are the bone structure of your inner personality. The words you give to others are the inner structure of your success in life. If you are constantly breaking your bones and breaking the bones of your life, life will be painful, suffering, torture.

Your Life is Made up of Words

You function based on the words and commitments you utter to yourself and to others. Am I right? Everything in your life starts with these two things. So the words you give to you and to others is life, literally Life. They are the basis of your actions, inaction and reactions. In order to be a success with yourself and with your life you must keep your word. It is your very life!

You need to understand that not only the words and commitments given to others but even the commitments made to your own self need to be fulfilled to remain in integrity. Integrity starts with completion. When you are incomplete with all the commitments, promises, desires, ideas you expressed to your self, you will struggle to fulfill any more words, promises, ideas you create inside you.

Unclutching is the process which constantly brings you back to the space of completion with yourself and reduces your inner chatter. Even a few minutes of unclutching can bring a new awareness in you about the words you are constantly uttering to yourself.

Just Unclutch!

When a thought raises in you without supporting it, encouraging it, entertaining it or being entertained by it, just relax from it. Please understand, when a thought raises in you, without entertaining it, and without being entertained by it, without encouraging it, without being excited by it, just relaxing! If you start relaxing from the thoughts which are raising, you will experience freedom from the identity which you created. Constantly you create a shaft of thoughts with thoughts of pain, joy, pleasure etc. Now you can see the flash image of how you create a shaft of thoughts in your inner space.

Fewer Words

When you unclutch with sincerity, you will see, you will have fewer thoughts, fewer words inside you. You will feel more complete. Unclutching is a process of completion because it again and again brings you back to the space of completion. It restores the inner silence in you, which reduces the words you utter inside, and infuses an awareness in you about the words and thoughts that do come up. With this new awareness, you will immediately drop any ideas, desires or wants that you know you will not be able to fulfill. This keeps you in completion with yourself. Also, you will be reminded of your incompletions as new thoughts come up, and now you can complete with those incomplete acts and thoughts.

Unclutching is the mahavakya (the ultimate teaching of an enlightened master) which restores a clean inner space of completion in your being.

Adapted from the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda