“It’s Okay” is Not Okay


‘It’s okay’ are the words which can ruin your life! “It’s okay if I miss my tennis practice just today, it’s okay if I have one more chocolate, it’s okay if I cheat on her just this once, it’s okay if I miss only one spiritual vow.” Then finally, one day, anything and everything is okay.

For example, you have made a commitment to yourself that you will wake up at 5 am and practice yoga and meditation every day, as a commitment to improve your health and well-being. You do this sincerely for ten days. This is great – you are heading towards being established in integrity. On the eleventh day, you switch off your alarm clock and think, “It’s okay! I’ve done this properly for 10 days.” You might further justify by saying- “Anyway today is Sunday, I too deserve a holiday. Let me take this day off and start again tomorrow!” Understand, this is not like an agreement you made with your job, for which you’re paid, and which allows you a Sunday off! This is a commitment you gave to yourself, to improve and better you. Your commitment to your health should not be swayed or compromised with ‘it’s okay’.

Understand – when you are in integrity, there are two doors that will open. One is the entrance to authenticity. The other is the entrance to ‘it’s okay’. Be very clear -’it’s okay’ is the door that leads to inauthenticity!

Remember this – when you fall into ‘it’s okay’, you fall into inauthenticity! ‘It’s okay’ is the trapdoor to inauthenticity! Again and again and again you will be tempted to fall into the trap of ‘it’s okay’. Each time decide instead to be a possibility of ‘it is not okay’! When you feel the pattern of ‘it’s okay’ rising in you, simply respond with “It is not okay!”. Every time you choose ‘it is not okay’, you become more and more authentic. Authenticity stabilizes your being!

How many times have you stopped yourself from achieving your highest potential, just out of the attitude of ‘it’s okay’? Don’t think that you will directly start with big crimes! Loss of integrity always starts with a small ‘it’s okay’. Unconsciousness enters into your system only through small actions. Even if you feel as if you are having your own way when you say ‘it’s okay’, be aware, it is just a state of powerlessness. Not performing to your maximum is certainly not power! Never trust the decisions you make when you are feeling powerless. While you are feeling powerless, you can cause irreparable damage to you, which takes years to repair, and even the will to repair can disappear.

‘It’s okay’ is the white ant which will eat away your integrity and destroy you without even you knowing about it. After some time, this attitude will settle in you and you will even forget that you are living in non-integrity. The power of inauthenticity is such after two days it makes you forget that you are inauthentic. Remembering it is very painful, that is why you forget so easily.

Never think that a little inauthenticity is okay! You usually keep a little inauthenticity in reserve, justifying to yourself that you will use it only in any extreme situations when you have no other choice. That is like storing a little poison in a corner of your house, because you may need it after two years or five years!

No! Declare clearly now that you will not allow ‘it’s okay’ to destroy your possibilities. Post mortem is of no use to your life! Do future-mortem – throw out the ‘it’s okay’ attitude from your inner space before it destroys you.

Adapted from the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda