The Science of Astrology


From time immemorial, despite the disbelief in the subject, astrology still holds its power and influence on human beings due to the amazing science behind it. A report says that in India, 93% of the people read or study their horoscopes regularly before taking any big decisions, including marital decisions. Usually, any concept which expands beyond a certain limit loses its originality and starts getting diluted. The science of astrology is not an exception. However, this does not imply that the science itself is a lie. There is one example, which when understood, will enable a person to connect with the science of astrology.

For one moment, when the shutter of the camera opens, the outside image gets imprinted on the film. Then the film can be developed to become a photograph. The same film cannot be used for the second time, since it will have the image captured at the first shot. In the same way, the moment a person’s consciousness enters into their body, the energy level of the cosmos gets printed in that consciousness. One’s inner space gets the print of the cosmic energy level based on the time of the birth and the position of the nine major energy centers.

One more understanding that needs to be internalized is that the astronomical planets are not astrological planet energies. Although the number is the same, the astrological planets are energies. In a temple, nine astrological energies or grahas are worshiped as deities. For example, Shani graha (an astrological planet) is not exactly Saturn. A particular energy of pull and push always exists between the different grahas (astrological planets). Not all the energy that comes from Saturn will influence the planet Earth. Due to energy clash there will be an addition or deletion of energy. For example, if 100 units of push energy comes from Saturn and 20 units of pull energy comes from Buddha, it will be neutralized to become 80. If Shukra adds 30 units to the energy, it will become 110 units. By the time it reaches the planet Earth, it may get deviated and change its value to some extent. The net energy that finally reaches the planet Earth is called as Shani.

This is a very subtle science. The same planet Saturn will not have same influence over planet Earth continuously. If Saturn moves, the total calculation of the pull or push will differ. If the astronomical planets and astrological planets were the same, the energy difference would not be there; but it is not the same. It is the totality of the energy that reaches the planet Earth that is called as “Shani”. The major influence in this energy will be Saturn, but it is not decided by the planetary position of Saturn alone and the value is continuously changing. Similarly, when we say Buddha energy, it is not only the planet Buddha that is radiating that energy. By the time the energy of the planet reaches the planet earth, it goes through almost five alterations, many other energies get added or deleted.

The different energy positions clearly decide the cosmic energy level during the time of birth. Based on that, the course of one’s life can be predicted easily, although not the exact incidents. Incidents are too minute details and if minute happenings could also be predicted, one wouldn’t have any freedom. Having an idea about one’s horoscope gives the intelligence to take decisions in life, as well as the intelligence to have acceptance about inevitable situations.

In India, in the olden days, every family had a family astrologer who knew the family completely and could interpret the energy flow of the family members and guide them accordingly. It will be beneficial for a seeker to read books on horoscope and astrology, to have an opening and glimpse of this science. The astrological sutras encourage one’s visualization and the power to connect incidents, which really helps a person grow.

Adapted from Nithyananda’s Discourse on the Shiva Sutras on 3rd December, 2007 delivered in Mont Clair, California, USA


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