Anger as a Meditation


This meditation technique, taken from the Shiva Sutras delivered by Mahadeva (Shiva) Himself to Devi, gives solution for all problems – all psychological problems being faced in relationships and otherwise. But the purpose of the technique is not only to solve the psychological problems. Meditation is not a mere replacement for medication or psychological solutions. It has got more sanctity associated with it. One small side effect of meditation is having physical and mental health. That is not the main or only effect of meditation, it is something much more than physical and mental solutions.

This meditation can directly deliver the enlightenment experience. Mahadeva takes us to a deeper level of our inner space. He explains how to work on ourselves when a mood against someone or for someone arises within. He says, ’Let you be centered on you. Let you go to the source of the emotion from where it arose.’

Whether we are suppressing or expressing any emotion, for example anger, the other becomes important. Even when we suppress an emotion, in our inner space the other will be constantly remembered, and will be important. Here Shiva is not teaching us to show compassion or to suppress the emotion. No! He is simply teaching us to turn the whole direction and handle anger as an energy, without bothering about the reason or the person. He asks us to drop both and handle the anger as an energy, not as an emotion. When we look at anger as an emotion, we will try to look for the reason and convert it into compassion. If we look at it from the angle of the other person, we will try to suppress it, to prevent pouring it on the other person. Shiva is asking us to drop both. He asks us to go to the source of the emotion within, making us centered on ourselves, without being moved by any emotion, thoughts and engraved memories.


Step 1. Close your eyes. Sit with any tension and irritation you already have. Remember your most intimate enemy, the person or people who create anger in you. Remember the people, the objects or situations that create deep anger in you. Allow yourself to create the intense anger.

Step 2. Now, forget the object. Forget the person and the situations that created the anger in you. Just go to the source of the energy, from where the emotion is arising. Go to the source of the heat and the irritation. Go to the source of the anger. Allow yourself to reach the deepest level of meditation.

Step 3. Relax, open your eyes.

This meditation technique needs to be practiced when anger happens in real life situations. Only then the anger will be authentic and then the meditation will be a deep experience.