Third Eye, the Seat of Consciousness

Third Eye, the Seat of Consciousness

The Third Eye is a very potent, important power which is stored in every human being – it is the very source of your consciousness. All the extraordinary, mystical and spiritual traditions continuously work on awakening the Third Eye. Unique to the Vedic tradition, all the Hindu gods are portrayed with three eyes. It means that you can become God only if your Third Eye is awakened, not otherwise. Hindus have worked so much on activating the Third Eye, discovering long ago that continuously wearing kumkum (processed turmeric), the bindi, on the Third Eye works to awaken it.

Awakening the Third Eye awakens the non-mechanical parts of the brain, allowing you to experience powers like telepathy, materialization, teleportation and many other miraculous powers. The Third Eye is the bridge between the physical world and the psychic and cosmic spaces. It is like a ‘browsing center’, a door to the Cosmos. You can receive and transmit anything to the Cosmos through the Third Eye, living with unimaginable powers when it is completely awakened.

The power of the Third Eye is so extraordinary that if your awareness is on the Third Eye while you leave the body, you will become enlightened. It is also true that whoever dies in the holy city of Varanasi, on the banks of the Ganga River, will achieve liberation.

Varanasi is a very powerful spiritual center, blessed by Lord Shiva. “Varanasi” in Sanskrit literally means the space between the varana (eyebrows) and the nasi (nose). The innumerable benefits of an awakened Third Eye can be experienced while you are alive in the presence of a living incarnation in the Inner Awakening program.