Tiredness, Depression & Atheism


The four tattvas (Principles) – integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching – can be a great source of strength and stability in your life. Being established in these principles makes you directly radiate super-conscious energy. Go on reminding yourself to be established in these four tattvas, even if you feel tiredness and boredom.

The very feeling of tiredness or boredom can be removed if you look at it with authenticity and integrity. If you are feeling tired, just ask yourself – are you being authentic? Have you done everything to the peak of your capacity? When you ask yourself these questions, the tiredness will no longer affect you, and will slowly disappear, getting replaced by excitement. This is because tiredness is nothing but you pampering yourself. Many times you know that you have the option to drop your tiredness or boredom, but you still stay with it and cherish it. Just understand that tiredness is not like a tsunami or hurricane which will destroy you. It is just a wave in the teacup. What can be the maximum effect of that wave? Nothing, except that it is a wave. You just blow air through your mouth to cool it down, and there are waves, that’s all! So, even with something as small as tiredness or boredom, do not entertain the idea of pampering yourself.

The root of this tiredness is the feeling that you have done too much. Moreover, you also compare yourself with others and feel that you have done more than them. You say, “I have done so much work, he has not done any work, so I’m still much, much better than him!”. This comparison is why you feel that it is okay to feel tired. Never encourage the feeling of “It’s okay”. Understand that your responsibility is yours, and the other person’s responsibility is theirs. Comparison will not make either of you finish it properly. Even if he does not do his work properly, you are responsible! The cosmos functions through the law of “responsibilism”. You are the source of everything that happens in and around you.

You always measure the result of your responsibility in terms of money and fame, and this is where you fail. When you take up responsibility, higher energies express through you. Do not measure this with your small logic because by the end of your calculation, you will start asking yourself how you can get the same results without taking up responsibility. When you take responsibility with authenticity, you will not only get much more than what you expected, but you will also experience a state of deathless-ness. You can create and shape your mind, body and consciousness as you wish to.

When you know that tiredness and boredom are self-destructive, negative patterns, you can decide not to allow it. Complete with these two, and decide that you have lived with them for long enough and now it is time to divorce them! This is not just to increase your productivity; this creates a different space within you. Your very consciousness opens up. For example, when you are doing yoga or some physical exercise, it is pain that limits you. As soon as you feel pain in your muscles, look in and ask yourself if this is real pain or if you are creating it. Your body retains this pain as a protection mechanism, not realizing that you don’t even need this protection. This is how inauthenticity works, it makes you believe that the pain is real and necessary, when it is not required at all. So, just look into it and decide that this pain is non-existent. Your stamina will improve immediately.

Never entertain this kind of powerlessness in any form.
Tiredness is entertaining powerlessness at the level of body.
Depression is entertaining powerlessness at the level of mind.
Atheism is entertaining powerlessness at the level of consciousness.
Death itself is nothing but all three parts of you entertaining tiredness and powerlessness. Death starts in your life when you entertain tiredness. Whenever you handle your tiredness and boredom with integrity and authenticity, even when you need to leave the body, you will not entertain death.

Do not allow boredom or tiredness in any way. Your life is your responsibility. The being which does not entertain powerlessness and lives in surrender to the four tattvas is in the space of Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam (the favourite inheritor of the cosmos).