Why do We do Guru Pooja?


Q. What is the reason we do pooja at the Guru’s feet? Why do people want to touch Guru’s feet?

A. It is an ancient tradition, in the Vedic tradition. When you are showered so much by the Guru with his knowledge, experience, love, blessings, when you are showered by him, with overflowing gratitude, you don’t know what to do! So you offer whatever you have at his feet. That is the way the tradition of Guru Pooja started. In Vedic tradition this is the oldest ritual. Parvati, Adi Shakti is the first disciple. The moment she was excited with the experience of Shiva, in that extraordinary gratitude she fell at Mahadeva’s feet and offered whatever she had at Mahadeva’s feet. So the first Guru Pooja started. The first initiation is Shiva Sutras ( Shiva’s techniques for Enlightenment). The first sacred ritual is Guru pooja. The first Stotra is Guru Geeta. The overflowing gratitude, you pour yourself at the feet of the Master. There is no logical reason for why Guru Pooja is done. It is an emotional feeling connection. For some people it looks like ‘why should I do it’. For some people it is life. I know for millions of my disciples, morning satsang is much more important than eating food. This is bliss dose. It is life itself. So please understand, it is one’s individual emotion. One more thing I want to tell you, do all this only if you feel intensely connected, not otherwise. It should not be done as a ritual. Your mind itself should feel it. Out of ecstasy and joy you should be pouring it.