Love, a Meditation


Love is an ambiguous word. No two persons will define it the same way and it is a feeling that individuals try to demystify everyday. People fall in love and out of it, and yet its meaning eludes them. Humans can never tell what truly qualifies as ‘being in love’. Above all, why is it important to love in the first place?

Love is an essential component of life, and without it any action will be dull and dry. In many cultures, such as Buddhism, there are numerous techniques that help people practice love as a meditation. However, any action that is performed with love becomes a meditation in itself. An individual will never stick to a practice for more than a few days if it is being done without love. They are like two sides of a coin – when energy is radiated outwards, it is love; When it is turned inwards, it is meditation.

The best way to describe love is as a feeling of overflowing energy. A person who loves overflows in every way – whether it is passion or generosity. A person that radiates love is never aware of it. When he becomes aware, he also becomes egoistic. Love has no base or reason, and when it comes out of a person, he will not even realize it. Only when a person is overflowing, when he has excess, can he share. This gives him courage to share everything that he has to offer to the world, and he knows that he can create more of it.

The Shiva Sutras have never mentioned a specific technique for using love as a meditation, and yet they are a way to create a mental setup that makes love flower in a person’s being. The greatness of Shiva lies in his ability to be the embodiment of love and incorporate that same quality in all his disciples. Love does not just change one’s attitude, it changes his very state of being.

Technique to let love flower in every being, and to remove any quality that blocks the flow of love:

Make a list of all those qualities that will obstruct the feeling of love, such as greed, lust, fear etc.
Start making lists of people or objects that create these emotions in you. For example, make a list of people or objects that incite fear, or create possessiveness in you.
Sit and meditate on these objects and people. Bring yourself to respect them, to promote and elevate them to a higher level of being. Visualize this process.

After doing this process, all lust, fear, possessiveness or any other obstructive emotion will be transformed. Lust will become love, passion will become compassion. The individual himself will move a step higher on the ladder of consciousness. They will be able to experience life to the fullest, opening new channels of bliss. All of this will happen with the understanding that love is meditation and meditation is love.


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