Discover What Controls Your Life!


The Root Cause of Behavior

All human beings need to know why they behave the way they behave, what drives them to do the things they do. Whatever their profession, whatever attitudes they react with, the cause is always the same: their root pattern is responsible for everything in their lives.

The first strong experience that shocks every human being in early life, which influences them to continue the same behaviours, is called the “root thought pattern”.

Once this pattern takes root in people, their growth stops. Only the pattern continues to grow. Unfortunately it becomes so much a part of their identity that people do not realize that it is something separate from them. It becomes the master, directing every decision and causing imbalance and suffering. At times, people even enjoy this suffering because they feel it is a challenge to face, justifying their worthiness. People may create a foolish difficulty and call it “adventure”, to show that they are brave or clever.

Complete the Pattern to Reclaim Energy

When a water pond becomes covered with plants, the plants grow so thickly that the water cannot be seen. That is how the root thought pattern covers the consciousness. Once the pattern is cleared, the consciousness can be discovered! Even basic behaviours such as attention need are actually root thought patterns. Every effort in life – to earn money, to form relationship – are driven only by root thought patterns. This is like being driven by an enemy. Enemies will not drive each other to success! Any pseudo-success that is gained by striving from a root thought pattern cannot bring any fulfilment to the person. Whether the driving emotion is lust, anger or some other emotion, it controls its host and gives a sense of powerlessness. Only enlightened beings have no experience of powerlessness. The best way to help any human being is to assist them to identify their root pattern and complete with it. Once completion has happened, so much energy is released that all powerlessness disappears.

Reclaim Your Life!

The first responsibility of every human being is finding their root thought pattern and completing it. This completion itself allows the flowering of the four principles of integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching to happen in the person.

Completing the pattern is necessary to awaken the Kundalini Shakti and to activate the latent strands of DNA. With completion of one’s pattern one becomes a blessing to the world. Without completing, nothing attempted is of any benefit even if it is intended to enrich others.

Either one enriches or encroaches: one is either a blessing or a burden. To enrich and bless, each human being must find their root thought pattern and complete with it. Only then, life really begins.

Adapted from the teachings of Paramahamsa Nithyananda