Don’t Connect the Thoughts


The process I am offering to you to find answers for the basic questions of life is unclutching. This word does not exist in the Oxford dictionary; it is my contribution to the English language. Unclutching is the ultimate spiritual truth. The process of unclutching can directly upgrade your consciousness, raise your inner space. When you raise your inner space you become more authentic, healthier, wealthier, intelligent, and a leader.

It is important to understand these three words in order to catch the truth of unclutching: Clutching, disclutching, and unclutching. Clutching means holding, getting attached. Disclutching means breaking, completely getting disconnected, and unclutching means moving back to clutching only when it is needed.

You are continuously clutched to your body, mind, and emotions with so many things. You clutch yourself with thousands of ideas created by your mind. You are clutched with your own idea of joy, pain, pleasure. If you practice unclutching sincerely in a very small level it will bring so much awakening to you.

When a thought rises in you, relax from it without supporting it, encouraging it, entertaining it or being entertained by it. If you start relaxing from your rising thoughts, you will experience freedom from the identity you have created. Experiencing this freedom means healing thousands of wounds you carry inside, millions of possibilities of pain and suffering inside you.

You are constantly creating shafts of thoughts of pain, joy, pleasure in your inner space. The center of each block is an independent thought. They are made of different combinations of pain, joy and pleasure. By putting all these blocks together you create a shaft. You can name that shaft as mind, ego, or identity. But unfortunately you don’t have the awareness to look at your mind as it is. Buddha says beautifully that original mind is Nirvana! Mind as it happens is already unclutched. But unfortunately you pick up from independent thoughts and create your own short view about yourself and a very narrow idea about life. You don’t look at your mind and your life as it is happening.

You try to believe that your whole life was either pain or joy. One of the biggest achievements I feel very happy and proud of is that whenever I look back at my past, I don’t have any idea about it. I neither feel it was joyful, nor I feel it was painful. I have no feeling at all. I do not feel my past as a chain of joy or pain; I just know my future is also free just like my past. But unfortunately, every human being tries to develop an idea about their past as pain or pleasure. When you tell all your stories, you continuously connect the pain memories, pain thoughts and feel your life as a pain.

One of the biggest dangers in life is when you believe something and repeat it constantly, it becomes a reality. Don’t write your biography as a long pain shaft, because you will project that same pain shaft on the future also. When you look deep you will see each pain you claimed happened in your life as an individual incident. When you connect all of them you create tremendous suffering in your life. Stop connecting and continuously creating tremendous suffering for yourself.

Unclutching is a powerful self-sufficient guide to your enlightenment, to upgrade your consciousness. It not only changes the way you perceive reality, it transforms reality itself. Unclutching is a very powerful process which touches the source where the perceiver and perceived both come out. It is the ultimate meditation technique. When your consciousness rises, you automatically become a leader of your life, you become God for yourself. – Ishvara for your life.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Webinar on ‘Unclutching’, 15th April, 2012, Bidadi Ashram