How I Became a Yogi!


— By Sumithra Swaminathan

This is a journey of an ordinary housewife to a Yogi – a Nirahari (One who does not intake solid food).

I always thought a yogi is someone who, after renouncing everything, goes to the Himalayas; someone who does tapas (penance), standing on one leg and achieving great powers like living without food, materializing objects, developing the power to take prana (life energy) from the air. Someone who exhibits extraordinary powers which a normal householder cannot even imagine. Little did I know that there is a hidden yogi in each and every one of us. These powers, which are hidden in our bio-memory, can be brought back to life with the help of an incarnation without doing any tapas from our side. When I became a Nirahari, it was a shock for me to find out that I can actually live without food.

If you are wondering if it can happen to you, the answer is: yes! All you require is just 21 days of your time and 21 initiations from the master to find out that your body does not need food to survive any more.

When I went for ‘The Samyama’ (Nirahara Samyama program – beyond fasting and feasting), I thought that I would be living without solid food, just on juices and buttermilk for 21 days; that I would have increased awareness on how I eat, that my eating pattern will change (maybe I will eat less) once I get back to my home. Now I know that I will follow all this as a lifestyle.

Living without food didn’t just give me good health, but also courage and clarity towards life. All our actions are based on what society has taught us. When you know through direct experience that you don’t need food to survive, you feel a total freedom. You have your whole life in front of you which you can enjoy as you wish. You can go after your dream instead of money (which we earn for food), not out of fear or greed but out of simple choice – the choice made out of freedom.

What happened to me in the 21 days other than my whole life changing?

My physical body changes were as follows. First my excess fat got reduced. I lost 10 kg in the first few days into the Samyama (spiritual process) and stopped reducing after that. My face looked younger (anti- aging started happening) and a new sense of respect towards my body started to happen. The feeling of how blessed I am to have a body like this and the desire of wanting to live for more years happened in me. I felt good about myself and started to accept myself, which in itself is a tremendous healing for both body and mind. When you break big patterns like food, a tremendous confidence and courage arises to stand for what you believe in.

Just a few days before the Samyama ended I was still not feeling that I could live without food. I shared my concern with Swamiji. I said: “Swamiji, I feel, with your initiations and the group energy and seeing hundreds of people living without food I am able to do it now. But once I go home I have a fear that I will not be able to continue this as my lifestyle.”

Swamiji answered: “The initiation is so strong you will be able to do it, literally I will be “bolting” this experience in you all. I have awakened the bio-memory to absorb prana directly from ether and your body does not need food. However, all the mental craving you have when you see food, you have to take responsibility for that.” There that was a click for me. Without me taking the responsibility to be a yogi, a Nirahari, nothing will happen.

I understood then that without taking responsibility, not only in the outer world but also in the inner world we cannot achieve anything. Be it a CEO of a big company or a person doing tapas in the Himalayas; without the attitude of responsibility nothing can be achieved. “Surrendering with responsibility is enlightenment”. This was a huge click in me.

In the past, I have tried to convince many people living around me about the path I am traveling, but I was never able to inspire or convince them. What I was not able to achieve being a normal housewife following a spiritual path, I was able to achieve by being a Nirahari. Instead of me talking about the great truths to everyone, when I start living them I can inspire more people to walk on this path. I know now for sure: action is always stronger than words. Such a strong courage has happened in me – the courage not to fight with others but the courage to face my very own mind – and I know I am winning.

When I decided I will continue to be a Nirahari, I wondered about myself, the new me and said: “Loving others is easy. Loving oneself is more difficult.” And yes, I have fallen in love with myself, which is the ultimate gift.

If someone can make an ordinary housewife into a yogi in just 21 days, we can only address and revere that person in one word: INCARNATION.


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