Unrevealed Mysteries of the Mystics


Beings who reveal the unrevealed mysteries to the world are called incarnations. With tremendous compassion and love, so that the human consciousness can experience the unrevealed super consciousness, incarnations reveal these mysteries. I will give a glimpse of the science behind miracles using an example. The human body, which represents the individual self, is like a mirror that reflects the rays of the sun, where the sun represents the super consciousness. These rays fall on the mirror creating a reflection which represents the world.

Suffering is created when the mirror accepts some parts of the reflection and rejects some other parts, instead of looking up towards its source. When this happens for a while, the mirror slowly misses its purpose of existence and loses itself into experiencing fear, rejection, pain, sorrow and horror because of liking and disliking something instead of looking back towards the source. Furthermore, since the human body is a reflection of the super-consciousness, it changes its form based on its likes and dislikes. That is why when an individual fantasizes about food, music, sex or anything else the very quality of the body changes based on the fantasy. Thus the very quality of the body is changed based on its likes and dislikes. When the mirror starts looking back towards its source instead of being caught up in liking or disliking some parts of the reflection, it is called sadhana or period of intense spiritual practice..

Siddhars (beings who have attained the flawless identity with Reality or God) have revealed that every human body has 72000 minor nadis (according to traditional Indian spiritual science the nadis are the channels through which the wind or air is said to flow), 24 major nadis and one central nadi. So based on each attraction and fantasy of the individual, one of the nadis will be engaged. For eg, if an individual has a craving for a particular food, then one nadi will retain the memory about that food craving and the satisfaction that is enjoyed by that individual when he or she is eating that particular food. Similarly nadis store memories about people or objects that cause fear, tension, worry, attachment and other emotions. If the individual uses too many nadis then he or she is caught up in pravritti (worldly life). If the individual is flowing towards the source from which it reflects, then he or she is living nivritti (an enlightened life).

Many people are caught up with too many choices in the world without possessing choice-less awareness. Too many nadis are engaged in these choices and that is responsible for drugs, teenage suicide and the deep depression that modern day youth is facing. Living with too many choices without possessing the choice-less awareness is like having hundreds of varieties of food in front of a person whose tongue is cut off. It is a dangerous idea.

If all the 72000 nadis are spent on what is seen without looking back at the source, then that person is in depression. Out of the 72000 nadis, if at least 10,000 are focused towards the source then that individual is living a balanced life. This can be done by spending an hour or two centered on higher ideals, centered on the super consciousness. If 50% of the nadis are diverted towards the source, then that person is living a jeevan mukta (enlightened) life. That individual does not need to bother about the focus of the remaining 50% of the nadis.

If the focusing of the nadis towards the source is established, then the individual will start expressing miracles. More than 10,000 nadis of an individual can be centered towards super consciousness when his/her kundalini energy (the dormant potential force that lies at the base of the spine of a human being) is awakened. According to the siddha tradition, when the kundalini is awakened in a person, if he/she can lift something equivalent to their own body weight it is called “bal”. If a person has one “bal”, either the left or the right nadi will be perfect. Similarly if the person can lift twice his/her weight, he/she is said to possess two “bals” and in that person both the nadis will be active and alive. If the person possesses three “bals”, then all three nadis are active and at least 10,000 nadis out of the 72000 are centered towards super consciousness.

When I awakened the kundalini of my ashramites (a person committed to practice the sanyas lifestyle in an ashram) they were able to lift 2-3 times of their own body weight without any effort. I can demonstrate the same even with the participants however I strongly caution that it should be done in controlled conditions and only under the direct guidance of an enlightened master. I can do all these miracles and create time out of consciousness because all my 72000 nadis are centered on the source and I am completely free from my reflection.

Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Discourse delivered on 4th December, 2010 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India