Relive to Relieve!


A beautiful verse in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, ‘Samskara sakshat karanaat purvajati jnanam’ states that by doing samyama (an intense spiritual process) on the previous thought waves, one obtains knowledge of their past lives. Swami Vivekananda translates this as ‘through the perceiving of impressions comes the knowledge of past life.’ This is a very powerful technique. Once, a claustrophobic person re-lived a past life wherein he was buried alive in an earthquake. It became evident that once the trauma was released he was able to overcome the fear, exhibiting strong healing evidence of reliving the past.

‘Sanshaya’, or doubt, is a demon that makes life uncomfortable for you everywhere. The extraordinary tamas (lethargy) creates an intense doubt about everything in life. There are different levels of doubt – doubting persons, doubting relationships etc. The extreme is doubting the very space you are living in. Claustrophobia is nothing but an extraordinary doubt; doubting even the very space one lives in. If a person is claustrophobic, they can meditate on that samskara (engraved memory from the past) questioning themselves why they feel the way they feel. This will open the first and second layer of past. In the same way, if a person has the fear of projecting their past trauma or doubt, or have a distrusting relationship with someone, they have to dig into it. This way, one will be able to rewind their first layer and second layer past, not just from this birth but from earlier lives too. It is a very powerful process for past life regression.

Every moment, the samskaras and experiences added, and the strategies and decisions made are responsible for the future. So, analyzing the past and healing the past is the right way to create the right strategy for the future.

Healing the past means nothing but learning the lessons from past life incidents which were supposed to be learned when they happened. When any incident which happens in life is dealt with awareness, all the lessons needed to be learned will become energy and all the unnecessary things will just leave the mind. It’s just like a digestion process. But when a person does not have enough awareness and patience, they dump that incident inside them as an engram (engraved memory) and decide to take care of it later on. These stored engrams which have not become intelligence in a person are the past wounds. Now re-living them with intelligence will digest them naturally, letting the energy and the wisdom stay while the unnecessary part will just automatically disappear from the system. This is called healing the past. Whatever is right becomes part of life and whatever is not needed leaves the system, hence healing the past.

Adapted from Nithyananda’s Discourse on the Nithyananda Sutras on 10th November, 2010 delivered in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India