I Am


Human beings define their existence by the things they do, the things they say, the thoughts they have etc. But none of these can in truth define a person, the being. None of these is the true reality of one’s being. The being is something which is beyond the outward manifestations of actions and words. Thoughts are created when someone is not in touch with the true being, which is buried under the thick layers of ‘conditioning’. Conditioning is the base material out of which thoughts are created in the mind.

This conditioning can exist in five forms :

Conditioning of the physical self and attributes – that we are male/ female, tall/ short, thin/ fat
Conditioning by desires – the desires we have
Conditioning of the mental layer – that we belong to a particular nation, religion, culture etc.
Conditioning by language – the language we speak
Conditioning by family – the family we are born in, its traditions, disciplines etc.

These layers of conditioning obscure the truth of the self from people, creating confusions, suffering and negative ideas and mental patterns about life in them.

Self remembrance is a technique which can raise anyone’s frequency of consciousness every day, without doing anything. It does not have any prerequisites, no prior practice of meditation is required. Whenever you are doing something, remember “I am”. When you are driving, remember “I am driving”. When you are eating, remember “I am eating”. Whatever you do the whole day, simply remember that you are doing it. Self remembrance is not thinking. You don’t need to verbalise or think about yourself. When you are thinking, you are not in self remembrance. When you are in self remembrance, you cannot have thoughts.

You don’t have to repeat the words “ I am”. You simply have to be aware, of yourself. Do whatever you are doing with the awareness, that you are doing it. Just try to remember you are without your mental picture or imagination about you. When you are walking, stop for a moment and be aware that you are. Carry this awareness. Be aware that you are experiencing the sun on your face, the wind in your hair. Be aware of the one who is experiencing. Just feel, I am. For a moment, you will be thrown back into yourself ! You catch a glimpse of deep silence, of reality.

All the entertainment in the modern day living is simply to make people forget themselves. The conditioning which takes over people’s lives constantly suffocates them. Hence, they resort to entertainment which is an attempt to forget themselves. But forgetting can never liberate anyone of suffering. Only when you remember yourself without the conditioning, can you be liberated of the suffering. With self remembrance, you get in touch with the eternal presence.

When you are in self remembrance, whatever is not good in your life, will drop you; be it relationships, business decisions, addictions, lifestyle, or anything else. Your self is the master of your life, remembering yourself, the master key of your life. Remembering any God is not required, if you just remember yourself, that is enough, because you are God !