“I” Builds Your Identity


All of you have a certain concept of individuality. How it gets developed – you need to understand that. The very identity you create as ‘I’ is nothing but lot of threads put together. See, just like how a piece of cloth is a lot of threads put together, weaved in a complicated way, the same way, every time you utter the idea ‘I’, that becomes one thread. More and more number of times you utter the word ‘I’ and assert the identity, that many threads form your identity-cloth. And wherever you assume that identity strongly, that kind of color is given to that cloth. The fabric out of which your identity is made is the very utterance of ‘I’. The number of times you utter I, I, I – that becomes the thread. As many times as you utter, that many times the threads get intertwined and becomes the identity, and you start wearing the cloth. And unfortunately, you start thinking that you are the cloth itself!

The only way to cause the confused ‘I’ to disappear is – stop uttering more and more words that speak ‘I’. Editing the word ‘I’ in all your conversations can be a powerful initial spiritual practice, because that stops the power supply for the cloth to get strengthened or colored. The supply of identity will stop when you stop using the word ‘I’ both in outer conversation and inner conversation also. Please understand, you need to stop using ‘I’ both outside and inside – both are required.

Taken from the morning discourse of Nithyananda delivered on 9th January, 2012 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India