Inner Awakening: An Introduction to Life


In Conversation With Vilma Galindo

Q) Nithyanandam! Can you tell us something about yourself?

A) I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I am the only child and I am very lucky to have had very loving and supporting parents. I studied Business in the US where I migrated at a young age. I have a beautiful son and I own a small business. I am also a Yoga teacher.

Q) How did you find out about the Inner Awakening program (IA)?

A friend of mine who had previously met Swamiji, invited me to attend the kundalini awakening webinar last year. I had never seen any of his satsangs or discourses before, but I was always very attracted to Swamiji’s photo which my friend had. A big surprise was waiting me that day because I experienced my first kundalini awakening! In that moment I knew I had found my Guru, and I decided that I would go to India to be in his presence and receive his blessings. After the webinar we saw that they had the IA program and I thought it was the perfect opportunity for me to meet my Guru and work on myself.

Q) What made you attend IA? Was it an easy decision to travel all the way to India ?

A) Before I knew about IA, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I was going through divorce, my son left home to go to college, I moved out of my home and I was living in a new city. I felt very confused, depressed and I knew that I needed the guidance, the blessing of an enlightened master to help me to go through my conditioning and patterns so I could free myself from the pain and suffering that was slowly consuming me. Because I was so desperate, it was a very easy, quick decision to go to India. It just took an intention form blessed from Swamiji and I got everything I needed to attend IA in January this year.


Q) Was this your first time to India and Bidadi ashram ?

A) Yes it was my first time, both in India and the Bidadi ashram. I have never been to any ashram before.

Q) What was your first impression of the ashram and the lifestyle of the ashram?

A) It felt like being in a mother’s womb again. I felt safe and nurtured. Swamiji’s energy was everywhere in the ashram. I liked the lifestyle at the ashram, everybody is very friendly and welcoming but at the same time you feel you have your own space to go through your process and you know you can reach out if you need any help.

Q) Can you tell us any interesting experience from the IA ?

A) There are many unforgettable experiences. I was able to reach deep into past memories of my childhood that I had completely forgotten, which removed blockages and pain. I experienced kundalini energy and levitation almost everyday.

Q) We know that some people take the healer’s initiation during IA, did you take that as well? What was it like ?

A) I did take the healer’s initiation. It is an honor and a big responsibility to me to be Swamiji’s channel to help and assist others.

Q) How does it feel to be a healer?

A) It feels great! I enjoy it very much because during the moment I am giving healing I go into deep meditation, my mind stops wandering and I become a channel of divine energy. I feel Swamiji’s presence very strongly, and it feels great to be the channel, my identity disappears. It is one of the most amazing gifts I got from IA!

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Q) Do you feel that IA has made any major change to your life?

A) Absolutely! I was able to see through my pain and suffering and understand that it was just a part of my past memories and I had the power to let them go and be in the present moment. During all these years prior to IA I had gathered a lot of information & knowledge but I didn’t know what to do with it. Then, at IA, I was able to see that I didn’t need to know but to experience, and it was actually very simple.

I was given very easy solutions to enjoy life and be blissful.

I found that all the answers and the solutions are inside me, I just need to quieten my mind. I am no longer controlled by my emotions, I am able to be the witness and see that the thoughts and feelings come and go but they are not me. I enjoy life! I have so much gratitude with Existence for all the blessings and the opportunity to meet an Avatar who gave me so much! He just removed the shade from my eyes and now I see everything so bright and beautiful!

Q) Can you share any of your strong clicks during the program?

A) One of the major realizations for me was to see that I am totally responsible for my emotions and actions. Earlier, I would blame others or outside circumstances for my feelings and emotions. I was able to see that the emotions controlled my life. I was also able to take accountability for all the past and I liberated myself from the emotional weight I was carrying with me. I felt so light, so free. It is such a great feeling! I am very aware that this is just the beginning of a deep healing process. I realize that I must keep watching my ego, my mind and emotions.

Q) What was it like travelling to Thiruvannamalai for Shiva Ratri ?

A) It was a blessing! That was one of the most mystical experiences I ever had, to be there in that magical place, invited by Swamiji to be part of a memorable time and experience. It was a big celebration, we danced, we laughed! We enjoyed it like little children!

Q) What would you say was the most memorable part of your entire IA experience ?

A) I was touched by how much love and compassion Swamiji has towards us. He was taking care of all of us, making sure we felt comfortable and safe so we could relax and go through this very deep healing process. One of my sweetest memories happened at one of the darshans. I felt the Divine Mother was there with me and I was her child. There was so much love and compassion pouring towards my whole being! It was so beautiful! Also at one of the sessions when we had the opportunity to share our experiences, I shared mine and I felt that Swamiji really understood my pain and suffering, he was so compassionate towards me and that gave me power and energy to go ahead and let go of my past.

Q) If you were to give the essence of IA in a sentence, what would you say?

A) You come to IA to find who you really are, to connect with your divine essence and experience joy, bliss and true happiness, to understand that is totally up to you to live a happy, peaceful, joyful life.