Inner Awakening: The Quantum Leap!


In Conversation with Sushant Shrestha


Nithyanandam! Would you like to introduce yourself ?

I am Sushant Shreshtha. My spiritual name is Sri Nithya Omkara Priyan.

What does it mean?

Omkara is the primeval sound. Nithya Omkarapriyan is the eternal lover of the primeval sound.

When did you get your spiritual name?

I was in Bidadi, India, attending a 21 day meditation workshop called ‘Inner Awakening’ or ‘IA’ with Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda. I got a spiritual name as a part of that meditation workshop from the coolest guru ever!

Interesting. Can you tell us more about yourself ?

I’m originally from Kathmandu, Nepal. I am currently living in San Jose, USA. I’ve been living here for 12 years. I am doing my Masters in Integral Studies at JF Kennedy University & working there as well. Before that I did my Bachelors in Management & Finance – from Concord University, Virginia, USA.

What do you do apart from work ?

I play music and write poetry. Reading is a passion as well. I am also into free masonry.

What kind of music do you play ?

My music is about writing words and putting music to it. It is poetic music. Poetry is written music. So, my music is more mellow & relaxing

You had mentioned a program you attended in India, what made you attend IA ?

Living my passion has been the theme of my life for the last few years. I wanted to understand what it really means to live my passion. What made me go to India was this longing to be in a place where I can fully express myself & truly understand myself.


What did you discover?

On a mental level, a clarity about how I want to live my life. On a physical level, an intense training about how to keep my body healthy. On a deeper level it was an intense understanding about who I am.

Sounds profound. What changes did the program make to your life ?

I can be totally confident about what I want to do now. As an example, I was holding off a project I wanted to do for a few years. I was not able to do it because I was not confident about it and still had questions in my mind. After IA, I got a clarity that I am not different from my world, I AM my world. I can do whatever I want to do in my life.

So if you had to describe yourself and your life before IA & after IA in one word each, what would it be?

Myself before IA: Confused.

Life before IA: Overwhelming.

Myself after IA: Passionate.

Life after IA: An expression of that passion

You said that you discovered what you really want to do in life, how did that happen? It is not that simple for most people.

To me it is really that simple. When we are growing up, we know what we want to do. As a child, I always loved poetry, which was not a popular thing for a guy. While my friends played basketball, I played along with them & then wrote poetry by myself. I always knew that I wanted to do something creative. At that time it was poetry; later, music. The theme was always creating, expressing in different ways. In IA, I got it reconnected to that which was already there. So, to me it is that simple. We have added so much confusion to our lives which should be washed out.

Do you feel that there has been any difference in your creativity with respect to your music, post IA ?

In these 21 days, I went into the corners of my mind & discovered the creativity which I had never explored before. It’s a different level.

Has there been any remarkable difference in your lifestyle, after IA ?

Yes, definitely. The greatest change has been my lifestyle. I have slept for about 3 hours in last 2 days & I’m not tired. My energy level in my everyday activities has changed phenomenally. There is a zeal for life, like never before.

What was it like living around an enlightened master for 21 days?

It was inspirational to get a glimpse into my own potential,
It was devotional to be able to experience something higher than myself
It was emotional, learning about my past and letting go of what was holding me back
It was totally ecstatic, with dance, music and celebrations
It was exciting travelling with Swamiji to all different places
It was like I was effortlessly being in meditation.

What would you say was the most memorable or interesting part of IA ?

Definitely the energy darshans. They happen after a day of meditations which give us an understanding & inquiry into our past, present and future and kriyas which break the wrong patterns. The energy darshans are a different space.

What was your best take away from IA?

Best take away from Inner Awakening can be described in just one sentence: it is not like we have different mental patterns. We ARE patterns.

How so?

Every action or reaction in our thought process or our ideas about life is coming from such a deep conditioning from our society. IA was to take a break from that for 21 days and look at life in a different way. Basically it’s a choice: You want a life, or a life of patterns ? Red pill or the blue pill ?