June, 2013 Horoscope


For Vedic Moon Signs

(Vedic Moon Signs can be found in the birth chart or “kundali” which can be prepared by an astrologer or generated online on a Vedic astrology website)

— By Ma Nithya Chandrananda

Aries : Your family, or the ‘people close to you’ and your extended family, may have brought turmoil in your inner space recently, but they are today the positive center of your attention. You are able to express whatever has to be shared, with clarity and understanding. Your body language always sends signals about your real feelings, which others unconsciously pick up. We often move our body in a way that contradicts our words – and reject people without being aware of it. We then fail to understand that we are the sole reason for our feelings of isolation and solitude. Observing your body language will reveal a lot about what you are trying to hide from others and yourself.

Taurus: The cosmic impulse is guiding you to express your energy through different channels. If you are naturally oriented towards your being, your love will become diplomacy to promote your professional goals and aspirations. If you are body oriented, you will have energy to address long time problems and delays in your job that need extra energy. If you are intellect oriented, you will have to learn to open your mind to others’ point of view. In the ultimate sense, there is neither right nor wrong in existence. That deep understanding can calm your mind, and teach you to accept others’ attitude.

Gemini: Spending your time arguing for your point of view and then working on healing the situation afterwards is a waste of time. Your very views, your very mind, are just a creation made out of all the samskaras collected through your own life experiences. The other person standing in front of you is also a creation of his/her own experience, which is different from yours. Why there is so much diversity in the world is a question without any answer! It is not there to be questioned but there to be enjoyed! Any knowledge that brings you back to the understanding that life has no logic at all is the right knowledge.

Cancer: We are constantly protecting our identity, but our identity is completely social. It is not existential. It is created out of our comparison with what is around us- it is a comparative reality. Whatever you think of as your identity, your money, your relationships, your age, your sex, whatever you call as your identity is just societal. Being afraid of existential reality, we try to protect our comparative reality, and we think we are protecting something which has a solid existence. In fact, we try to protect what is not from what is. Moving into your relationships with that deep understanding will help you to overcome flooding emotions during this month.

Leo: You have goals. Accomplishing them involves many things and your mere will to achieve them is not the only thing you need. You have to have physical strength and a disciplined mind. Both are related. To have physical stamina, you need a balanced mind, because unnecessary emotions and depression drain and disrupt your energy. The secret of your success lies in a positive mental setup, expressed in a healthy body. Cooperate with your nerves or it will just imbalance your mind. Do yoga, meditate. It will cool down your boiling physical energy, and relax you!

Virgo: If you don’t have solutions to a problem, then stop criticizing it; if you can’t think of an alternative to your criticism, then wait. If you say that this problem is no good, you may be right but what solution are you proposing? This criticism doesn’t bring a revolution. Before criticizing, always find another option to the problem, and then your attitude will be valuable. Nobody will feel offended by it, because while you are criticizing, you are keeping a positive alternative in mind, and then propose something constructive. The same apply to your inner world. Never judge your past actions with your updated intelligence.

Libra: You’ve been blessed to experience the power of trust. Out of this arises deep relaxation. Out of surrender arises a fresh intelligence that knows on a different plane. On this plane, there is no worry of result; there is only action driven by pure energy. And energy is intelligence. Trust does not mean inaction. It means continuing to be in action with intelligence instead of intellect. Unless trust happens, intimacy cannot happen. With trust there is openness and you can say and do everything that you feel genuinely and earnestly about, there is authenticity in your words and actions.

Scorpio: A strong, tenacious energy enters your relationship sphere. You are able to attract lucrative issues to you. Your inner transformation brings you confidence, because the bliss you express attracts others’ trust and favors you. A peaceful grounding brings you closer to your body, relaxing your mind, your breath, and your whole attitude towards life. To deepen this feeling, practice Nithya Dhyaan every morning this month. It will deepen this new dimension you are exploring now, this perfect equilibrium between body, mind and spirit. You are learning how to nurture yourself and others, and simply celebrate Existence!

Sagittarius: Your trust that life is good makes you expand to the responsibilities you take up. When that expansion happens, just hold on and have patience during the transformation process. Patience during the transformation process is what is called tapas or penance. Why don’t we allow big breakthroughs in our life? Because we don’t trust that life leads us into a new space. Have trust and patience. The simple truth is that when you take more responsibility, you just expand and more energy starts expressing through you. If you feel responsible for whatever is happening around you, you become a leader.

Capricorn: Your ideal is to bring wealth, beauty and bliss to your home. The past weeks have brought achievements on all levels, a consolidation of your capabilities and talents. You are aiming to do what you really like to do, be it on the spiritual level, effective level or material plane. It is the place to experience fulfillment! Stop running, and really feel the deep satisfaction for being blessed with those gifts. Your mind will always find ways to contradict this feeling. By its very nature, it cannot be satisfied. Don’t let it rob your satisfaction. It is good to feel fulfilled. It is good to feel good about oneself!

Aquarius: How can you change the world? To make the whole world blissful and happy, you don’t have to do anything. Just change your center of attention. If you want to save the world, all you need to do is save yourself! Everything is actually happening in this world – great spiritual sessions where enlightenment is being shared and at the same time terrorist training camps where violence is being shared. The world that you attract and see will always appear to be according to what you tune into. You will attract the same type of people and situations in your life.

Pisces: The main reason why you miss experiencing gratitude is that you take everything for granted. You feel anything that people do for you is your birthright. When we start feeling grateful for small things, our whole sensitivity increases. We will become more refined. If ever you feel life is dull, that it is not as juicy as it should be, it is because gratitude has not happened in you. Gratitude is the energy that makes your life intense and exciting every moment.