Navadhi Kriya for a Healthy Body


Navadhi kriya is a small and simple exercise to balance the three doshas of our body. The three doshas are vata, pitta and kapha, and they aptly represent the three forces of Nature; the air, fire and earth elements. When they are in balance, the body becomes free of any illness or disease. When we bring integrity within our thinking and take ownership of our body, we remove the mental blocks that cling on to a diseased body. Just uttering the words ‘I own my body. I declare to have a healthy body’, to oneself and doing this simple kriya will help a person to create a yogic body.

This kriya is practiced in many Ayurveda hospitals as a part of the initial cleansing procedures before actual treatment. The kriya involves inducing vomiting by massaging the innermost part of the throat. The mechanism of action is that excess kapha from the throat, vata from the chest and pitta from liver, all three are expelled out, thus balancing them. It is strongly recommended for the initiated Niraahaaris (initiated disciples don’t eat solid food) to do this kriya regularly, at least once a week. Ayurveda teaches that regular vomiting of the pitta clears the intestines and removes the excess belly fat. The dis-balanced pitta of the body gets removed from the system through the oral route.

Ayurvedic scientists also claim that this kriya can heal even cancer, since cancer is nothing but an imbalance of the three doshas.


  1. Clip your nails and clean the thumb well before proceeding.
  2. Apply a pinch of Haritaki powder on your fingertip. Applying Haritaki powder will help get rid of ulcers, if any, and remove bad breath.
  3. Massage the upper palate in a circular manner. Allow vomiting to happen.
  4. Lie down and rest the body for approx. 45 min, to allow the body to settle down.