The Call for NewGen – Responsibilism


It takes about five minutes of watching television and it becomes very clear that the world we live in today has issues, to put it mildly. From global terrorism to financial meltdown, global warming to drug wars, the list goes on. If one takes a break from the day-to-day routine of school and work, and dives into understanding the state of the world, it can be very daunting. Today’s youth are now starting to graduate from their universities and take up jobs. In a decade or so they will be positioned in various leadership positions, and will probably inherit all these world problems.

The questions that need to be answered right now are: are we prepared for our future, are we getting the education and knowledge to be able to navigate humanity to a better future? Moreover, are we getting tools to understand ourselves – our passions, our uniqueness and be able to deal with our own mental schemes and limiting tendencies? To put it bluntly, the mainstream schools, colleges and universities hardly prepare youngsters for any of these. People get education to find jobs but not job satisfaction, they learn public speaking but cannot solve personal dilemma, they know hundreds of ways to predict a tornado but do not know the tsunami that happens inside.
What is really needed now is for the youth to stand up and take responsibility for their lives, they can no longer wait for things to fix by themselves. This is the calling for the NewgeN – responsibility. It does not matter what caste or creed, what ideologies and cultural belonging, they all have the capacity to change themselves and the world. Does not matter what religion one identifies with – Hinduism, Buddhism, or Judaism; does not matter what economic structure one wants to live in – capitalism, socialism or communism.

What matters is that the newgeN follow ‘Responsibilism’. Responsibilism is not some new theory or a new philosophy, but it is prescription for the newgeN and should be a principle of life itself. If the youth of today want to live healthy, if they want to explode in the spiritual zone, they must take responsibility. If they want wealth, they must take responsibility in that direction. Take responsibility. Chisel your life with the tool called responsibility.


The general misconception is that when someone takes up more responsibility they become tired, they can only have so much on their plate, and they may simply spread themselves too thin. This is a huge myth that mankind has blindly subscribed to. There is no such thing as a maximum capacity because as one takes more responsibility, they expand and they will see that suddenly more energy rushes into the system and they have the capacity to do more. By their very nature humans are hardwired to expand in all directions, it is only with their limited mental capacity that they feel like they can only do so much. Therefore, the newgeN need to jump before they think, because if they think before they have to jump, they will never jump.

Responsibility does not bind anyone, but rather, it is the very path to living a fulfilled life. When someone takes responsibility for their life’s purpose, their goal, their dreams, only then do they truly begin to live. So while it is possible to analyze and philosophize even this, all that is really needed is to take the jump – jump into responsibility, jump into the limitless potential, jump into life itself!