Omkara: The First, Last and Ultimate Sound!


Omkara is the primal sound. It is the first, last and ultimate sound. When centered on the core of the sound, it can lead you to the space beyond mind.

It is very important to be centered on the mantra. Do not question, think or talk. Let the whole body and mind fill inside the OM mantra until it is lost completely inside the mantra. Only focus on the OM vibration inside the core and be centered on it.
It is recommended to practice this meditation continuously for ten days in order to be able to sit without thoughts. The mind will be filled by the sound, vibration that is created and will not be moving outside the vibration. It is advised to experiment with this technique in order to see the power of it.


  1. Close your eyes and sit in a relaxed way. Concentrate on the navel center, Manipuraka Chakra.
  2. Take a few breaths to concentrate your awareness on your navel chakra.
  3. Forget all parts of your body, only remember the navel chakra.
  4. Start the Omkara (OM) vibration from your navel center as deeply as possible. As you create the omkara sound simultaneously be centered on the sound. Do not allow the mind to go anywhere else as it is very common for the mind to wander around when mantras are chanted.
  5. Do the Omkara sound for ten minutes focusing on the vibration that it creates in your navel center.
  6. Stop. Sit for a few minutes in silence. Try to listen to the sound without creating any sound. Be filled by the sound.
  7. Relax and open your eyes.