Completion, Your Very Nature


Completion & Incompletion

Incompletion is anything that leaves you with an experience of low energy, low emotions and a general feeling of unfulfillment. Any action that is unfulfilled as per your expectation, either because of an outer hindrance or an inner hindrance, is incompletion. Anything from the past that hinders you from participating in life as it happens, is incompletion.

Completion does not mean accepting everything that happens in life. Completion is not blind acceptance. Completion simply means not resisting the flow of life.

What is the difference between ‘resisting’, ‘accepting’ and ‘not resisting’?

For example, just imagine that you are sitting in your garden one morning and sipping a cup of tea. Suddenly you see a man charging towards you with a knife!

Now, you have three ways of responding to this unexpected happening in your life: One, you can resist the moment, and get angry, panic and say, ‘Oh, this guy has been my neighbor for ten years, I did so much for him, he even borrowed money from me and never returned it, now how can he do this to me?’ and so on – getting caught in your own perceptions, and in the process, completely losing sight of what you actually need to do in the situation. This is acting out of incompletion.

Or you can just accept the situation and feel like a saint, saying, ‘After all, this is life!’ – not even making an attempt to change the situation. This is acting out of powerlessness, and hence, also acting out of incompletion because the root of powerlessness is in incompletion.

Understand, neither of these two attitudes is completion. Completion means simply assessing the situation as it is. A man rushing towards you with a knife is a man rushing towards you with a knife – that’s all. When you assess the situation without applying your personal filter to it, you will know exactly what action to take – just duck, run away, or stand there and fight him!

Why Incompletion?

Incompletion comes out of the assumption that something larger than you exists out there for you, which can complete you. Your life is nothing but a journey from incompletion to incompletion. The idea that something outside you can complete you, can add to you, can fulfil you, immediately reduces you to the level of matter. You forget that you are not matter – you are life! Only life can infuse life into matter; matter cannot infuse life into life! Only you can infuse value into anything that is outside you. Even the so-called positive happenings in your life are usually a result of incompletion. Your success, your relationships, your wealth – everything is triggered by a sense of incompletion. Whether you realize it or not, you are complete unto yourself. Then why do you look to something external to complete you?

Incompletion is like a poison in your life. It is incompletion that drives you to take one birth after another. Any incomplete action is karma. It will pull you to repeat that action again and again till you achieve completion. Any action performed from a state of incompletion will only lead to more incompletion. Anything done from a state of completion will lead to completion in others also. If you feel disturbed by a woman outside, understand: the disturbance is not from the outer woman. It is always from the inner woman. It is always from the woman who is inside with whom you are incomplete.

Completion is Your Nature

The Sanskrit word ‘poornatva’ means, ‘the state of completion’.

Completion is the state which leaves nothing left to be desired, either in the inner world or in the outer world. When in completion, there is no space for fear, greed, anger, doubt, envy or any of the low-energy emotions and conflicts you create for yourself. Completion is an unclouded inner space. In such a space, irrespective of what is happening in the outer world, completion alone remains. The Shanti mantra (peace chant) drawn from the Hindu Upanishads says that the whole cosmos resonates with completion.

‘Om poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate
Poornasya poornamaadaya poornamevaavashishyate’

Everything in the cosmos resonates innately with completion. It is completion here, it is completion there. Completion is born out of completion. If you remove completion from completion, completion alone remains!

Are You Running Away From You?

Listen: Since completion is your innate nature, you are never comfortable with your own incompletions. For the very reason that they remind you of your incompleteness, you never want to face them! All your life, you keep running from the ghost of your incomplete self. The more and more you run away from you, the more you are haunted by the incompletions – through life and across lives.

The only way to be free is to face the incompletion directly. Identify the source of incompletion which is rooted in an inadequate cognition of some situation that happened in your life, and then complete with it. The *poornatva and svapoornatva kriyas are powerful processes to restore this completion to your being.

Adapted from Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s teachings