Manipuraka Shuddhi Kriya: Dynamic Meditation


Manipuraka Shuddhi Kriya is a powerful dynamic meditation, which is especially useful as a process for completion. This technique is drawn from ancient Christianity. Known as glossolalia, the technique was further adapted by the Sufis as “gibberish”. It is a cathartic technique that bypasses mental processes and roots out worries and incompletions in their most elemental form, which is, just negative energy. It is a powerful technique to cleanse the manipuraka chakra or navel energy center, which is locked by stress, worry, powerlessness and other deeply engraved negative mental patterns. The technique works deeply in releasing all the negativities stored in the body and mind due to all the known and unknown incompletions we carry.

This technique is a superconscious process in which you retain awareness while cleansing yourself. It unblocks your unconscious and allows all the negativities stored inside to dissolve. In this technique, one speaks in a language one doesn’t know! When one starts using words, all the inner chatter begins to come up. During this meditation, don’t allow your inner chatter. Simply get to the core of your deepest suppressions and pluck them out of your system! Just vomit them out in sounds.

This technique should always be practiced on an empty stomach, and at least four hours before sleep.


Step 1 (20 minutes):

  • Stand with your feet apart and your eyes closed.
  • For a minute, concentrate on the manipuraka area which is around your navel
  • All your worries and suppressed negativity will start rising up into your conscious mind. Just experience all the tension and stress come up inside.
  • Now, bring up a conflict you have had in your mind. If you know your root pattern incident, you can bring up that memory. Go back to the conflict you had, and relive the incident where you experienced the conflict, allowing all your negative emotions to come up.
  • Visualise and talk to the people involved in the conflicting situation – in a language that you don’t know!
  • Just use nonsense sounds. If anyone is listening, it should not make any sense to them.
  • Try to convey your problem, your pain, to the other person. But the other person simply doesn’t agree with you!
  • How do you feel? Angry? Throw out your anger on him!
  • Anything that happens in you, any word that happens in you, express it as a sound.
  • Do not use words. If you use words, only familiar and recent emotions will surface. Also, words will give rise to only more words without actually working on the emotions beneath them. Shout absolute gibberish; only this will open up your unconscious; only this will bring up the deeply hidden emotions.
  • Recall all the painful and conflicting incidents of your life.
  • Visualize the persons involved and feel the emotions involved in those incidents. Bring out all the emotions. Become completely immersed in them.
  • Be aware of nothing else.
  • If tears come, let them! Don’t stop yourself.
  • Scream, wail, cry, throw your limbs about, roll on the ground if you feel like. Create as much violence as possible! Once you start, you will find that you really won’t be able to stop – so much will be coming out. You may feel like vomiting, so keep your sick bag ready! Nothing to worry, it is a sign that your system is getting cleansed and balanced, that’s all.

Do the technique sincerely – this is your chance to get rid of a lifetime’s suppressions and incompletions. Enter completely into the meditation.

Step 2 (10 minutes):

  • Stop!
  • Now, simply sit in silence and bring your awareness to your manipuraka chakra (navel center). You will feel a tremendous lightness in that area.
  • During this silence, just be a witness to your thoughts. Do not suppress them or chase them. Just let them flow before the deep silence of your being.

Repeat this meditation every day for 21 days minimum, or until you feel as if you have nothing left inside to throw out during the meditation. Right from the very first day onwards, you will find a change, a great peace blossoming in your being.


  1. Yes, that is the dynamic meditation i need to meditate with a lot of feelings and cry…….that i do not need to make sense of it. I look forward to start tonight.

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