Say NO to Powerlessness!


Responsibility means living, thinking, speaking, acting and responding to life from the truth that you are the source of everything that is happening inside you and around you. Therefore you are responsible for all the happenings inside and outside you.

We are Responsible for Everything

The biggest question we now have in our minds is “How can I be responsible for everything happening around me? I can be held responsible for what is happening inside me, but how can I be held responsible for what is happening outside me?” Let me answer this question. Sometimes, you may not be the reason for some happening, but if it is affecting your life you are responsible for that happening. You are responsible for dealing with that situation. Unless you take the responsibility, neither you will improve the situation nor you will expand in the inner space. So whether it is consciously caused by you or not, you are responsible for everything.

Your Body Responds to Responsibility

Vivekananda says very beautifully – “Take more and more responsibility, your shoulders will become stronger and stronger”. The number of responsibilities you take from the young age, decides even the growth of your bone structure. Recently I was studying the physical growth ratio in different parts of India and all over the world and the lifestyles of those areas. I can see the direct correlation between the lifestyle of responsibility and the physical growth of the people of different societies. Where people have the freedom that they can cross the sky if they take responsibility, in those kind of communities, their bone structure has grown and evolved to the 100% possibility. In societies where there is a lifestyle of responsibility, people are well-built and tall. In some places, the growth is even 120%, which means much better growth than your parents and elders.

Responsibility is Freedom

In any field, freedom is the basic condition for growth. Responsibility brings the experience of freedom to you. Only with responsibility your consciousness expands. It is so irresponsible that society does not teach people to be responsible! I tell you, responsibility is the greatest key. Responsibility is how kings are made, saints are made, leaders are made, stars are made, celebrities are made; responsibility is the material out of which the elite society is made. Countries may be capitalist or communist, but the law of life is responsibilism. The cosmos functions on responsibilism.

Become Life-Oriented

For most of us, the very word ‘responsibility’ creates a heavy feeling, as if a load has been put on our shoulders. But I tell you, thinking or feeling responsibility as a weight is just one of the basic root patterns of human beings. From childhood, human beings unconsciously program themselves with the root pattern of shrinking, limiting themselves, and not taking responsibility, which is the antithesis of life. Most of our lives are actually very death-oriented. If the moment the word “responsibility” is uttered you feel a load, suffocation, heaviness, weight, then your whole pattern is functioning towards death; your root pattern is shrinking, suffocation. You have neither trust over life, nor passion, nor interest towards life. If you are conscious of life, if you are interested in expansion, if you are really living, more responsibility will be like more sweets put in front of you; because if you have tasted responsibility consciously, you will know it opens the doors to so many different possibilities.


Responsibility Brings Extraordinary Powers

I tell you, responsibility is the word for consciousness, conscious expansion. More the responsibility you take on your shoulders, more the life oozes into your being. Responsibility is actually the greatest possibility, the way of expansion towards life! This is the touchstone with which you can find out whether you are living a death-oriented life or life-oriented life.

Responsibility even brings out the extraordinary powers hidden inside you. The power of healing has happened in me just because I took the responsibility for all the sickness of the world. If anybody is sick, in my consciousness I feel that I am responsible. Like this, simply the power of healing came to me. If anybody is ignorant, I feel in my space that I am responsible – and like this the power to initiate people came to me.

Responsibility Transforms your Life

Take responsibility not as a pain or suffocation but as a great possibility. When you take more and more responsibility, even your muscles start responding to the world in a different way. Your being starts responding to the world in a different way. The people you attract around you will be of a completely different quality. The life you create around you will have a completely different quality.

Life is not Measured by Profit and Loss

What is it that stops you from taking responsibility? It is your constant mental calculation, ‘What will I gain if I take up responsibility?’, which puts you off from taking responsibility. Unfortunately, you never know how to measure your expansion other than with the number of your cars and houses and bank balance. If you measure yourself based on your net worth, you are in the ‘unworthy net’; you are caught in the ‘unworthy net’! Only when you start measuring yourself based on the expansion of your possibilities, real life will start happening in you.

Responsibility Brings You Out of Disease

Whenever you take more and more responsibility, you find ways to handle more and more things, your whole nervous system becomes such a possibility for life and joy. Decide to take more and more responsibilities in your life, you will walk out of even cancer. Taking more responsibility can be a powerful method to heal yourself from cancer. Cancer is nothing but death-oriented thinking, the pattern of shrinking from life itself.

When you decide to take responsibility for anything which comes in your breathing space, your possibility of health, mental wellness, above all psychic powers, spiritual strength, everything expands more and more. Feel responsible for everything, whether it is your blood pressure or diabetes or cough – when you feel responsible, your body will heal itself. Take the responsibility for all your communication; you will simply start expressing the power of telepathy!

Responsibility – the Master Key

Look into your life in every level. Sit with yourself. Are you having health issues? Are you having conflicts internally? Are you having mental depression? Are you having incompletions? Are you feeling suffocated? Are you experiencing the moments of powerlessness? Are you feeling like a slave? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Are you feeling suffocated with relationships? Are you having poverty? Are you in spiritual poverty? Sit. Pen down everything one by one and meditate on every item individually, deciding, ‘I am responsible. Now how can I transform it?’ One part of your mind will tell you ‘Oh, you are responsible. Even if you take responsibility now and start altering it, it may take ten years!’ That is okay, just decide ‘Just because it is going to take ten years I can’t be keeping quiet without taking responsibility. I have to take the responsibility.’ If you feel you are not looking beautiful or handsome, take the responsibility even for that! Whenever you take the responsibility for anything, you will find the solution! You can complete with it.

Say NO to Powerlessness

Wherever you feel powerless, take responsibility in each of those areas. You will simply feel the solution is in front of you! You can solve it and life can be full of power. Life should not have even a single moment of powerlessness. Sit and contemplate on what are the moments of powerlessness you feel in your life, and decide to take the responsibility for them. When you do that, you will see that you regain your power, and the solution is simply there in front of you.

Responsibility enriches you, expands you, and adds so much of life to you. It just adds life to your life. Every moment when you take up responsibility, your muscles expand and become energetic, alive, living! Continuously taking more and more responsibility is actually a technique for you to realize your different possibilities. The door for you realizing your possibilities opens when you take up responsibility.

Taken from the recent Daily Discourses (Nithya Satsang) of Nithyananda on the subject of “Responsibility”